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Local Agency Administration

The Local Agency Administration Committee operates under charges that were most recently updated and approved by the Board in July, 2018.

Funding Strategy: Lack of adequate funding for local agencies to meet their administrative and program requirements continues to be significant. The committee will continue to take lead on the development of a strategy to develop adequate funding.

Administrative Funds Distribution Methodology: Committee is charged with the development of a methodology by which funds can be distributed to local agencies. Methodology should be based upon available data and provide for an equitable distribution of funds.

Potential Social Services Block Grant Reduction by Federal Government: The Committee became aware that the federal government was giving serious consideration to significantly reducing SSBG funds as part of its general budget reduction activities. The Committee will continue to monitor.

Sequestration: The committee will continue to work with our VDSS partners to understand impacts as they develop and communicate them to the membership. Determine item is no longer a potential impact upon LDSS.

Office Space Study: The committee worked closely with VDSS staff in the development and submission of the space study. Will continue to collaborate as funding becomes available.

Sub-Recipient Monitoring VDSS is responsible to monitor its sub-recipients (local agencies) as to proper expenditures of funds in relation to federal regulations. Committee will continue to work with VDSS to establish review processes and to assist in communicating lessons learned to local agencies.

Workload Measures : Critical to proper agency funding is the need for a workable viable workload measurement system. A consistently updated workload instrument study continues to be a viable solution to this issue. Discussion has occurred about need for updated time/task standards. Expected to be re-studied after VaCMS implementation is completed.

Audit Processes: Establish a clear understanding of state, federal, or local audits; how they are established, how they inter-relate, and who is responsible for each. Monitor audit directives and policy from standards setting bodies. Provide information to local agencies of upcoming changes and policies.

Health Care Reform Impacts: Research and assess the potential impacts of federal Health Care Reform legislation upon agency operations and services. The Committee will continue to monitor activities to date and the impacts of future expansion were it to occur.

Record Retention Policy: The committee has been asked to review record retention policy of VDSS and State Archives to address inconsistencies in requirements. As well, discussion has occurred about VDSS’s need for the retention of IV-E related fiscal records for IV-E audits. VDSS needs records retained for a longer period of time than Archive requirements.

Children’s Services Act: Legislation from the last General Assembly calls for the State CSA Office to be more active in charging localities for failure to follow CSA policy. The Adm. Committee has been asked to look at these processes from an administration perspective and possibly develop a position for the league.



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