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Child Care

The Child Care Committee meets the 2nd Friday of each month at the Central Regional Office. The committee is charged to:

  • Ensure support and information sharing between TANF/VIEW and Child care as needed.
  • Encourage joint TANF/VIEW/ESP meetings with Child Care as needed.
  • Partner with others with similar goals/mission to introduce and support legislation supportive of the Child Care Program and Virginia families.
  • Support line staff through education, information sharing and leadership.
  • Monitor Payment Accuracy Reviews.
  • Continue exchanging information discussed at monthly meetings.
  • Continue to promote self-sufficiency though employment.
  • Monitor and advocate for timely system changes that align with child care.
  • Encourage localities to increase monitoring child care services and in providing appropriate information to consumers.
  • Advise the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Development concerning local child care worker training.
  • Advocate for increased communication and process improvement with the vendors to better serve our families.
  • Advocate for increased collaboration between DCSE and local agencies and encourage policy changes to help child care consumers.

(Charges updated July 2018)


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