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Child and Family Services

Committee Charges (Approved July, 2018)

Charge 1: Identify child welfare work groups and actively work with our state partners to assure CFS representation in the development of the implementation plans for initiatives and programs:

-Collaborate with VDSS on the implementation of the Families First Prevention Act over the next two years

-Collaborate with VDSS to ensure the development of CPS Appeals training specifically regarding the validation of local findings of abuse and/or neglect.

Charge 2: Monitor the progress of the following and report concerns to VLSSE regarding the following program areas: Family Engagement, Learning Collaborative, Families First VEMAT, Adoption Assistance, CPS Appeals, Fostering Futures, and KinGap.

Charge 3: Work with state partners to establish a more effective communication system regarding child welfare practice so that modifications to guidance is shared consistently statewide.

-The committee will focus on working with VDSS to ensure QAA and Regional Office agency reviews are consistent statewide. The committee will liaise with regional offices to provide input in the current measures.

Charge 4: Keep apprised of potential legislation that could impact child family services and establish appropriate work groups related to same.

Download the July 2018 Committee Charges

The Child & Family Services Committee meets the first Friday of each month at Henrico DSS.



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