Virginia League of
Social Services Executives 

Technology Committee

Committee Charges

  1. Actively promote implementation of the VDSS IT transformation plan (IAPD) as the top priority for development activities including: content management, common customer Identification, and customer and worker portals.
  2. Promote interoperability and data sharing between VDSS and other state agencies such as DMAS and VDA and local agencies (LDSS).
  3. Targeting VITA, promote individualized a VDSS service level agreement (SLA) for delivery of service from NG to local agencies. Considerations: network storage capacity, timeframes for delivery of equipment, removal of surplus or damaged equipment  and resolution of service requests, etc.
  4. Explore and implement strategies to create an innovative and meaningful state–local partnership, including jointly funding, planning and developing automated systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness at the local level where services are delivered.
  5. Encourage implementation of structures that ensure local user input into the direction of IT in the Commonwealth social services system, including other agencies in the Health and Human Services secretariat. Receive local input on the effectiveness of structures created by VDSS to obtain user input into specific systems currently in use.
  6. Continue building working relationships: VITA/NG, Investment Board, Goal 3 Strategic oversight committee, to support VLSSE goals.

2013 Committee Reports

Committee Document Archive