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The Information Technology Committee meets the second Friday of each month at 10:00 AM at the Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC), 11751 Meadowville Lane, Chester, VA. (804) 416-6100.

As of July, 2014, the committee is operating under the following charges:

  • Actively participate in the Internal Agency Oversight Committee (IOAC) for the Enterprise Delivery System Program (EDSP), also known as Eligibility Modernization in order to:
    1. Advocate for successful completion of the Eligibility Modernization Projects
    2. Advocate for adequate funding is made available to support the projects
    3. Advocate for adequate resources, including local agency resources, are made available to support the projects
    4. Advocate for project decisions to include active, adequate input from local/end users who will use the modernized systems each day in meeting the goals of the VSSS
    5. Endeavor to maximize the return on investment (ROI), from a service and fiscal perspective
    6. Collaborate with other workgroups or committees as required or needed

(Taken from IOAC Charter)

  • Promote interoperability and data sharing internally between VDSS systems as well as between VDSS and local agencies (LDSS) to minimize the need for end users to use multiple systems.
  • Representing about 20% of the VITA/NG customer base, continue to monitor the VITA/NG-DSS partnership and VITA Road Map. Leverage the expertise and experience of shared support agencies to expedite timelines for hardware and software upgrades, reducing the number of upgrades processed.
  • In collaboration with the Local Child Welfare Integration Committee, explore and implement strategies to create innovative and meaningful state-local partnership, including joint funding, planning and development of automated integrated systems to improve efficiency at the local level, with the focus on child welfare modernization.
  • In collaboration with the Adult Services Committee, work with DARS to expedite replacement of ASAPS and establish formal end user input structures.
  • Encourage implementation of local user input into the development and direction of IT: promote the use of remote participation in systems development and enhancement.
  • As needed, periodically sample LDSS to gauge local needs and resources.
  • Systematically review Service Requests and forward SR’s as appropriate to other VLSSE committee chairs to provide input.
  • Work with VLSSE and VDSS to establish a separate state-local Information Management/Business Intelligence Work Group to help set priorities for data collection, analysis and publication.

Update March 2011:

The committee is delighted to welcome Liz Henry from Fairfax as committee co-chair. Liz is a valued addition to the committee!


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