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Professional Development

Download the Professional Development Committee Charges (Updated July, 2016).


Message to VLSSE membership from Committee Chair Ray Spicer:

There are 2 issues that the Professional Development Committee in collaboration with the State Training staff would like to bring to your attention related to staff training:

  • Many workers are not bringing their COV account information to [lab] courses requiring access to the State network.  This delays the start of classes and also creates a disruption for local agencies as staff frantically attempt to reach their security officers to retrieve their information so that they can participate in class.
  • Training instructors are frequently experiencing issues with workers (both line staff and supervisors) constantly texting, checking email, etc. on their mobile devices.  This is a general distraction to the class, and for the individual participant, this takes away from their learning experience.

Your attention to this matter as you deem appropriate is much appreciated.


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