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Employment Services

Committee Charges (2014)

  1. Work in cooperation with VDSS on administrative and management issues related to TANF, VIEW and SNAPET Programs.
    • Topics include program priorities, policies, funding, data collection, data reporting and program performance. Identify best practices, new initiatives, and alternative methods of service delivery related to TANF and Employment Services in Virginia and nationally.
    • Review the state plan and identify opportunities for changes that will improve program outcomes and move more families from poverty to self sufficiency.
  2. Work with VDSS on identifying personnel and training needs and resources for Employment Service programs.
    • Establish a link with the Training Advisory Committee.
  3. Monitor and make recommendations on proposed legislation for the TANF, VIEW and SNAPET programs.
    • Monitor drug testing legislation introduced in other states.
  4. Monitor and explore coordination opportunities involving Workforce Development and Workforce Investment Activities.
    • Identify opportunities to link Employment Service programs with local economic development efforts.
  5. Monitor non-DSS employment programs/activities that have the potential to impact State and/or local DSS programs.
    • Identify best practices in prisoner reentry.


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