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Committee Charges

Administrative and Program Funding

  1. Expanded Use of Medicaid
  2. Funding Flexibility
  3. Staffing
  4. Fraud Program Funding
  5. Funding Strategy
  6. Administrative Funds Distribution Methodology
  7. Re-alignment of Local Budget Administrative Allocations and Match Rate Changes

Administrative and Program Process

  1. Administrative Process Act
  2. Office Space Study
  3. Strategic Plan Goal 6
  4. Sub-ecipient Monitoring
  5. Workload Measures
  6. Audit Processes
  7. Health Care Reform Impacts
  8. Executive Order #2 (Re-organization of Government)
  9. Privatization
  10. Local Cost Allocation Plans
  11. Local Continuity of Operations Plan
  12. Umbrella Activities
  13. Shelters and Other Emergency Services in Times of Disasters
  14. Record Retention Policy
  15. Comprehensive Services Act
  16. Fiscal Impact of Changes in APS Findings Review
  17. IV-E Review Processes
  18. Audits and Reviews
  19. ALF Medicaid Payments



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